Case Study


Threat detection in real-time

With terrorist attacks around the world at an all-time high, public security has never been more of a concern. WWT Asynchrony Labs Mobile Field Kit (MFK) platform provides real-time sensor data for weapons of mass destruction threat detection and collaboration tools for personnel working to make our world safer.

Sensor integration for any scenario

The MFK platform can source any kind of sensor data – whether it is from security cameras, motion detectors or radioactivity sensors – to incorporate into the platform’s software making it customizable for any scenario.

Mobile Field Kit Sensor Integration

From data to decision

In complex and fast-moving scenarios, users need the ability to acquire, store, assess and share information within teams and across organizational boundaries. If and when a threat is identified, the platform’s encrypted communication tools and full visibility of on-the-ground resources empower faster response times and effective decision making.

Mobile Field Kit Data Process
Mobile Field Kit Data Process

Securing worldwide events

Whether working to secure a large event – a football match or a concert – or responsible for the ongoing safety of visitors at a transport hub, the frontlines of ground level threat detection face an ever-evolving environment. So far, this platform has been used to secure events like the NFL Super Bowl, MLB World Series, World Games and presidential inauguration.

Mobile IoT platform

Sensors, which can be fixed in position, vehicle-mounted or worn by mobile personnel, link to the platform to create a multi-dimensional view of the protected location.