Understanding the digital disruptions taking place in the UCC market

This research will assist application leaders responsible for UCC to be aware of the leading disruptions and how they will influence and be integrated into their strategy and roadmap.


Key Findings

  • Significant disruptions to the current unified communications and collaboration (UCC) market are taking place where digital changes to both the go-to-market approach and the underlying technology are undergoing change. This dual go-to-market and technology dynamic makes it difficult, or even impossible, for established vendors to remain competitive.
  • Organizations often find they must change their UCC-related decision making and procurement process in order to leverage the emerging communications and collaboration opportunities enabled by the disruptions.
  • Some of the options enabled by digital disruptions may be difficult for application leaders to identify or appreciate because the changes are taking place in non-IT groups within the organization.
  • Significant communications and collaboration opportunities often go unrealized because they are perceived as a threat to an organization’s established processes, methods and roles.


Application leaders responsible for defining the enterprise UCC roadmap should:

  • Use this research to identify the major digital disruptions in UCC and to determine how to respond.
  • Take a strategic and sometimes long-term approach to dealing with digital disruptions because these often take place over an extended period of time and require significant changes to the organization and its technology roadmap.
  • Use a Mode 2 bimodal IT approach as the most-effective way to introduce disruptive communications and collaboration changes into the organization.

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