Curt’s 21 years of IT industry experience has afforded him the ability to help customers develop their journey to the cloud through virtualization. One of his primary responsibilities at WWT is enabling customers to migrate from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of virtualization on the path to IT as a Service (ITaaS). This role requires Curt to have a strong virtualization background with multiple vendors, including VMware, Red Hat, Dell EMC and more.

Besides architecting solutions for automation and orchestration, Curt has a background in desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and mobility. As a VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX-CMA) and Citrix Certified Integration Architect, he has also written official Citrix Education courseware and enjoys being part of the partner advisory boards with VMware and Citrix to stay up to date on technology.

Q&A with Curt Stalhood

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I’ve always been interested in technology since a very young age. I was fortunate to have parents who also shared that interest, by bringing home one of the first personal computers to hit the market. From that experience, I explored building computers during my teenage years and eventually started working on mainframes during college. When it came to virtualization, I was immediately hooked in 1999, and have been consulting on it ever since.
Describe your role at WWT.
My role focuses on business development for cloud technologies, with a specific focus on VMware and the EMC Federation partnerships. This includes innovating with our vendor’s new technologies in our Advanced Technology Center, providing enablement training to our sales field, and delivering pre-sales briefings and workshops for these products.
What innovation is happening in the data center that has you really excited?
Cloud and Automation of course! Solutions like the VMware Ready Systems (VRS) and Red Hat’s Cloud Infrastructure allows customers to build a Cloud Management Platform capable of delivering a complete IT as a Service design within minimal management interfaces. Our ATC demonstration environments on the VMware vRealize Suite and Red Hat provide customers with real-world use cases for many of the major business needs today.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
I really wouldn’t narrow this one down to a specific customer, because there are so many out there that are looking to accomplish the same thing: automate, create agility, and reduce operations costs. The key to solving all three of these areas starts with an automation & orchestration solution deployed for private and hybrid clouds. VRS is one example, while other vendors like Microsoft, Cisco and Red Hat all have comparable offerings to simplify day-to-day operations in the data center.