Jim has worked in IT for the past 20 years with a primary focus on infrastructure and collaboration solutions. He has been working with Cisco technologies and products since 1995. Jim is currently the practice lead in business development for WWT’s Cloud Automation Practice.

Q&A with Jim Melton

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I actually started working with technology in the United States Marine Corps. At that time a 10 MB hub was cutting-edge tech. After being honorably discharged, I transitioned into more complex disciplines and projects at Penn State University, a regional integrator and AT&T. In 2015, I had the opportunity to take a position with WWT in Business Development focusing on cloud and automation. Thinking back to a 10 MB hub, it has been pretty amazing to be involved with the evolution of technology over the last 20 years.
What is your role at WWT?
As practice lead for cloud automation, I am primarily responsible for working with our customers to identify automation and hybrid cloud solutions based on their specific use cases and desired business outcomes.
What innovation is happening in your technology focus area that has you really excited?
The explosion in applications and the increasing complexity of integrating different environments and platforms that are aligned with the business need. I’m really excited about the potential of IoT in this space.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
Most of my recent activity has been around application-focused hybrid cloud automation. It is an exciting space to be in as we are creating tangible business value and efficiencies with solutions that touch a lot of different use cases and emerging technology areas.