Turn big data into business value

Big data is changing what you know. Today, your organization has access to more data about customers, products and systems than ever before. But you can’t gain insights from unstructured data scattered across your enterprise.

WWT can help you make the right investments in analytics, so you can extract just the information you need. We’ll start with a workshop to identify use cases that offer business value. Then, leveraging next-generation technology at our Advanced Technology Center, we’ll perform a proof of concept by augmenting data warehousing with Hadoop-based infrastructures.

A big data solution capable of scaling beyond the pilot phase depends on strategic planning. Our experts will build a big data platform, architecture and analytics that take into account how layers speak to each other, as well as appropriate configurations. This process ensures data is transferred accurately from its source throughout all parts of your system.

Following a proof of concept, our customers roll out with live data that is processed and analyzed to provide meaningful value. From there, we can provide training and workflows that help scale your big data platform across all parts of your organization.

  • Splunk Appliance for IT Operational Intelligence

    Through operational intelligence, Splunk helps organizations detect potential problems and decrease response time to meet DCOI compliance.
  • Infographic: Data-driven Insights Create Richer Experiences

    WWT helps retailers unsilo data sources for insights that improve the brand experience, cement customer loyalty and boost ROI. See how in this infographic.
  • FlexPod Outperforms JBOD for Hadoop at Scale

    This white paper explores the FlexPod Select architecture for Hadoop versus JBOD (“Just a Bunch of Disks”) architecture from both a technical and financial perspective.
  • A Flexible Approach to Deploying SAP HANA

    Software designed to capture and analyze big data can help your team quickly respond to new challenges and improve processes throughout your operations. Today, many organizations are looking to SAP HANA® to analyze data in real time. This white paper discuses the efficiencies of the SAP HANA® platform and how WWT can help with your deployment decisions.
  • Big Data and Sensor Analytics On-demand Webinar

    Sensors provide utility companies with a tremendous amount of information, but a traditional approach to analytics often prevents them from making the most of it. Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the use of predictive analytics to schedule machine maintenance, cluster alarm types and identify downtime.
  • Big Data Use Cases in Healthcare

    Healthcare organizations are using Big Data analytics, such as non-linear, multivariate predictive analytic models, and new Big Data technologies like SAP HANA® to improve patient care and clinical outcomes,reduce labor costs without sacrificing outcomes, reduce costs with bill review efficiencies and expand more strategically.
  • Big Data Use Cases

    The power of big data lies in creating a complete view of critical business issues. The depth of insight depends on bringing together structured and unstructured data in a timely fashion from sources internal and external to the enterprise. Advanced analytics can then tap this data pool to unlock the key insights that drive significant business value.
  • Big Data Use Cases in Consumer Finance

    By bringing technologies like Hadoop and in-memory databases into the data ecosystem, financial institutions can get more from their analytics practices. In particular, three new technologies have emerged as key enablers in consumer finance.
  • Big Data Use Cases in Transportation

    When agencies build a unified data platform and apply advanced analytics they begin seeing business value across their organizations. In particular, four business use cases have emerged for big data analytics in transportation.
  • DataStax Enterprise on HP Moonshot

    In conjunction with our partners, WWT has integrated DataStax Enterprise on HP Moonshot to provide business efficiencies to customers with a simple, scalable infrastructure.
  • Brochure: Hadoop Lifecycle

    With Hadoop clusters growing faster than hardware can be procured, WWT focuses on a stamp out build that is scalable and repeatable for the future.
  • Solution Guide: Big Data

    In this practical guide, we take an in-depth look at the challenges, use cases, architectural implications, technologies and strategies that must be considered for a successful big data implementation.