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Today’s technology and business environments change so fast that solutions created by software projects can be obsolete by the time they’re delivered. Traditional approaches to enterprise IT aren’t designed to respond to the unprecedented speed and uncertainty. That’s why we build software through short iterations in close collaboration with our customers.

While our project teams use best practices to ensure the software is developed the right way, customer acceptance tests at weekly demonstrations validate the software does the right things. The emerging solution evolves and improves through an ongoing cycle of team learning and customer feedback. Instead of merely mitigating the risk of change, we leverage unforeseen changes to create solutions that are better than what could have been envisioned at the start of a project.

This collaboration and development takes place through WWT Asynchrony Labs, the software branch of our Advanced Technology Center ecosystem.

Discover the full capabilities of WWT Asynchrony Labs.

Technology Integrator World Wide Technology Acquires Agile Software Development Consulting Firm Asynchrony

State-of-the-Art Collaboration Tools and Real-Time Sensor Data

Whether working in the wake of a disaster or mobilizing to secure a base or large facility, teams in the field require effective tools for communication, collaboration, situational awareness and management. The MFK allows team members to acquire, store, assess and share information, both within the team and across organizational boundaries.

Developed in coordination with the U.S. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), the MFK puts real-time sensor data into the hands of first responders, physical security officers and other tactical support teams to help authorities collaborate and monitor multiple streams of chemical, radiation and biological threat data.

The data is collected from various sources, like drones and field sensor units, and communicated via wireless mesh networks. Teams can quickly receive alerts and warnings, visually assess the data and make smart, safe choices.

The MFK is typically configured in a package that includes the software, hardened tablets and/or laptop computers, secure wireless mesh-networking and hardware facilitating WAN connectivity via cellular, satellite or other networks. The Kit is housed in a portable, hardened case that includes everything needed for deployment across the city or half way around the globe. It’s built to easily integrate a wide array of communication and sensor suites within a field-tested, standards-based platform.

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