Is your business prepared for the complexity of today’s cyber threat matrix?

In today’s world of vast technology capabilities and increasingly complex IT environments, organizations are constantly challenged with the realities of cybersecurity. Companies find themselves operating in a landscape where Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) can harm enterprise assets and critical infrastructure; data breaches can devastate corporate reputations; and security posture must meet evolving compliance requirements. World Wide Technology (WWT) designed its Cybersecurity Readiness Workshop to help organizations tackle the complexity of today’s cyber threat matrix.

During a Cybersecurity Readiness Workshop, WWT Security Practice experts will begin the process of reviewing your overall security program. This proven review process is based on established standards for effective cybersecurity management as defined by International Standards (ISO) and other widely accepted best practices. This workshop serves as a launching pad when working with WWT’s Security Practice to validate and strengthen your company’s overall security posture.


The WWT Cybersecurity Readiness Workshop is a two- to four-hour strategic whiteboard session. The objective of the workshop is to review your organization’s cybersecurity capabilities using WWT’s Security Practice’s structured process. The workshop will provide an executive-level snapshot  of your organization’s current maturity level for a cybersecurity program and will highlight critically important risk areas tied to your organization’s strategic and business objectives. WWT will also provide a maturity rating of security capabilities along with a high-level roadmap charting specific actions required  to improve cybersecurity readiness.


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to evaluate and strengthen the following critical cybersecurity areas: Security Policies and Procedures; Organization of Information Security; Governance, Risk and Compliance; Asset and Access Management; Breach Response and Security Operations; Business Continuity and Resiliency.

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